Mira Holding is an Investment Holding Company

with subsidiary companies engaged in property rental and investment and development and investment holding.


Ensuring that the foundation of the Group is built on a strong governance meeting all required compliance.


Sustaining long-term financial growth and performance through sound management decision system in evaluating potential buys and sells and strong partnerships.


Communicating with stakeholders to understand and address their concerns, strengthen relationships and work together on sustainability goals and challenges.


Providing equal opportunities, fair remuneration, and treatment to all employees and contractors at Mira Holding.

Who We Are


Mira Holding continues to embark on its sustainability journey for greater sustainable value creation in the areas of Environmental, Social and Governance. This effort has led us to work on ways to improve our value chain, combining our own actions with those of our service providers and joint venture partners, to create positive impacts.


Mira Holding recognizes the importance of good corporate governance, accountability, and transparency and believes that conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner is vital to the sustainability of it.


Mira Holding has established a formalized risk management process where risks, control measures, risk tolerance levels or limits and follow-up actions are identified and monitored by the Management and reported to the Board for review and evaluation.


Mira Holding has established policies and SOPs to ensure that applicable regulations and legislation are complied with, which includes periodic self-testing, completing routine compliance checklists and tracking of any regulatory breaches.


A fundamental responsibility of the Board is to ensure the continuity of executive leadership, as well as, to assess if the potential candidate possesses sufficient depth and talent to execute the company’s long-term strategy.